A to Z Challenge: Visitors

This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge. This year my theme is simply, "things I know." Some posts will be informational, some about life lessons, some about things I've learned as an author/blogger.

The purpose of having visitors is to get the house clean.
This is what mom used to tell us about having friends come to stay. We'd whine about the cleaning necessary to prepare the house for their arrival, and she'd say, "My mom always told us that the purpose of having visitors is to get the house clean!" And we'd whine and whine, but we'd do it. I think we were afraid that if we didn't get it clean enough we wouldn't get to have the visitors. 

Now, as a home owner (and an adult?) I have come to pretty thoroughly appreciate this sentiment. Having the house clean is soothing to me, and when we make sure to clean top to bottom before having people over the cleanliness of the house is one less thing to worry about. It lets me enjoy our visitors without fretting about the house. 

My whole family is coming to visit next week, so guess what we're doing this weekend? Yuuup... Cleaning ALL the things!

What are y'all doing this weekend?