A to Z Challenge: TED Talks

This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge. This year my theme is simply, "things I know." Some posts will be informational, some about life lessons, some about things I've learned as an author/blogger.

TED Talks are a great place to encounter new ideas, but shouldn't always be taken completely as fact. I love me a good TED Talk! Often these talks are sent around as, 'look at this awesome thing that must be totally true because it was spoken about by a really smart person!' but the thing is that one of the goals of TED Talks is also to be persuasive. And so, even though there might be some amazing information contained in the Talk, you still need to use your critical thinking skills to push away some of the persuasion.

That said, here are a couple of my favorite Talks:

BUGS! And Ann-Marie Slaughter, who wrote a great article about whether it is possible to "Have it all" as a woman. (hint: we can't)

Who are your favorite speakers?


  1. I have become a big fan of TED talks. Those were two good ones! There are so many I like its really hard to pick, but here are two:
    Liz at Bead Contagion

  2. They are great and there have been a bunch that I've found very inspiring! All that being said, they soo easy and fun to make fun of :) The Onion does an excellent job with its "Onion Talks:" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tom6_ceTu9s

  3. Those are the only two I have ever listened too. Clearly I live in a vacuum.
    A good friend is trying to be chosen to do one.
    I will certainly listen to hers.


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