A is for Attempting


This month I have decided to participate in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge.

I've talked about it a bit, but.. Somewhere along the way I decided that I wanted to spend some time challenging my writing ability, in a variety of ways. As I mentioned in January, I'm not too big on New Year Resolutions - rather I prefer to set myself goals as I go through life, to keep myself interested. It's hard to say in January what I will need to be working on mid-way through the year, much less by December.

And so in January-February, the writing challenge with Victor, and now April A to Z. This means I will attempt to post every day but Sunday (after today), with each post having a topic that corresponds to the next letter of the alphabet. I've decided that this week the theme will be "things I enjoy" though am not certain that all the weeks will have a theme. Since posts will be every day, expect a range of topics, and if you have suggestions for a particular letter, let me know! I love audience participation :)

If you click on the A-Z link to the right it will take you to the list of the other 1,000+ people who are participating in the challenge. Go visit and maybe you will find some new favorites!