F is for Friday Flash Fiction!

Something I've always enjoyed reading when other bloggers do it, but have never participated. So I thought I'd jump on that bandwagon today :)

"What do you value more than anything else in the world?" 
It was the question they put to me at the end of the interview. Answers ran through my mind. I wondered what they wanted to hear, and what I would say if anyone else were asking. I worried that if I responded honestly they might use it to hurt me at some point. I thought about my family, my dog, my possessions.. Abstract concepts like love and peace seemed trite and definitely not what these tough guys would want to hear. I thought about my grandfather's piano and a familiar melody drifted through my thoughts. I realized my answer but was terrified about what it might mean. 
"My fingers," I said. 
I shivered as the man across the table sneered and replied, "My favorite."