D is for Dreaming

Anyone I've hung around with for a while can tell you that I have some cuhh-RAZY dreams. (I think that most people have crazy dreams, it's just that there are few of us who are lucky enough to remember them) In fact, we were playing some 'see how well you know your friends' game once and I got voted hands-down as the person whose dreams everyone would like to be able to sit and watch.

My dreams are often influenced by things that I see during the day (like the one the other night where I was swimming under an ice shelf in Greenland after watching a documentary about the topic) or sometimes even things that happen during the night (a flash of headlights turns into aliens landing outside our res hall and coming into my apartment) and sometimes nothing to do with anything (lemon flavored tomatoes anyone?).

I have always enjoyed seeing what my brain comes up with in an effort to process the world, and have off and on kept journals to document the dreams I remember upon waking. I have at times written stories about my dreams and other times a dream can really give me pause to think about things during the day. Some people like to try to figure out what the dreams mean, but I haven't really tended toward that. I prefer to look at them as workings of my creative mind that is making connections between things that can seem quite disparate in the waking world.

As we know I am a bit of an introvert, so like to spend time thinking about how things in my world work. It is where I get much of my energy so being able to retreat into my active dreamscape every night is enjoyable and productive. Dreaming definitely gets to make it into my little list of things at the beginning of the alphabet that I like.

(Other D favorites: Dancing (specifically Line and Swing), Dunk tanks, Daffodils in Spring, and  Downpours of rain from a clear sky)