C is for.. Cooking (yum)

As anyone who has been reading for a while knows, around here we love good food. Not just for Thanksgiving, but every day. Our kitchen is practically a member of the family and we love to spend time with it and welcome new kitchen artifacts with love.

But for me it's not just about the food that happens, it's about the process. I love to create things and cooking is a way to not only have a creative outlet, but is nourishing to our bodies and souls. There is something about tweaking a recipe or changing it altogether that is extremely satisfying. To take a recipe and pour in some tenderness and personalization to create something delicious and health-giving is one of the best ways I know to show love.

Also the inner grandmother in me loves to feed people! One of the reasons that working in a college is great - students always appreciate free food, so when I have a group of students to work with they can expect treats once in a while. Actually, tomorrow I am feeding my desk staff some homemade mochi ice cream balls. Yummm..

Chris would tell you that I am a bit messy when I cook. Not sure when that started but once in a while I do catch myself thinking about this guy :)