#AtoZChallenge - Searching for Vanished Irena

Amy stood up. "Thank you for fixing me up, Cal. I need to find Irena. She is the little girl of the house, and she is my charge in this realm. The Man in White made her disappear from my arms just before he moved the mirror. I need to make sure she is ok."

"Hold the phone, sweetcheeks. I admire your dedication to this young creature, but you can't just go blazing about the Palace without a solid plan." He paused and closed his eyes for a brief moment, "I can tell you where your little girl is - she's with old Blanco. So if you're going in to get her, you have to be ready for him too."

"Where is he holding her? Is she alright?" Amy asked.

"They're in a room on the west side of the Palace. I don't know if she's alright. She doesn't seem to be moving, but that might not be a bad thing. But, you need a plan, love."

"How do I defeat someone who is so much more powerful than me?" Amy said as her eyes filled with tears.

"You have powers. Things you know, talents you possess. You're from another world, remember? You'll just have to think creatively to figure out what you can use against him. What makes you fabulous, darling? And what might make him weak? I can grant you two more wishes. I suggest you use them." Cal gave her a challenging stare, as though daring her to come up with something truly outrageous - fabulous, even - to move forward.

What help should Amy request from Cal?
Ask for her own Wand so you can use magic on him.
Request a paintbrush and bucket of White paint.
Wish for Cal to bring her the most useful object from back in the shop.

Ok, friends. Tell me. What W direction is Amy taking? Vote in the comments below and I'll get that post written for your Monday enjoyment!

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