#AtoZChallenge - the White paint

Can't believe it's the last week of April A-Z! We're on W which means only a couple more days. Time flies...

Speaking of W, you've only got a couple days left to submit for WRiTE CLUB. This is one of my favorite writing competitions on the web, hosted by the incredible DL Hammons (@DL_H). The competitors are anonymous, and paired in bouts against one another. Last year there were 167 entries and only 32 competitors. I was one of them. It was magical. I can't recommend participation enough! So go polish up your best 500 word scene, and get it in before Thursday :)

"Cal," Amy said carefully, "Could you get me a bucket of white paint and a large paintbrush, please?"

"White paint, eh? What do you have up your sleeve, Sugar?" he asked as a bucket thunked to the floor and a brush flopped next to it.

"You said to use my talents. We had to take a shop class in high school, and it turns out I'm actually pretty good at designing things. I figure, since we know old Blanco is all about the paint, I might be able to design a trap and lure him into it with the paint. And then... Somehow keep him there. It's only about half-baked, but... it's what I've got. Cal can you take me close to wherever they are so I can find a wall?"

"Of course. Right this way!" Cal said, sashaying down the hall.

Amy picked up her bucket and brush, and followed. At the last moment, she bent down and picked up a large piece of the mirror. She wasn't sure if it would get her home, but she didn't want to risk her only passageway being cleaned up and discarded by a servant while she was busy with Blanco.

After many twists and turns, Cal indicated a door, "That's where he is. Irena is there too. ...still not moving. There's someone else in there too. Odd. Now, Sugar. You see that shimmer there? Where the tapestry on the wall almost looks like it's moving a little? That's where his enchantment starts. I don't know what happens when you pass through it, but if you're going to work your own magic you better do it before that line."

Sure enough, there was a spot on the wall that looked odd. As though the characters in the tapestry were moving, almost like a very slow motion animated film. Just to the left was an expanse of window, perfect for her plan. Amy started plotting out her drawing, choosing just the right shapes and angles to make her trap.

The painting she picked was...
An eXtremely simple arch with a hallway beyond,
Criss crossed with X's and arches like a web,
or an eXtravagantly detailed room.

So what shall the trap's design be, dear readers? Vote in the comments below and we'll find out what happens tomorrow!

Voting has closed for this post! Please visit the Xs and Arches post to continue reading :)

This bit of encouragement on our quest was offered today by my friend and fellow co-host Pam. Pretty sure there won't be any rabbits, but thanks for the encouragement, Pam!