#AtoZChallenge - Throwing herself at the mirror

I have a Throwback Thursday post up at the main A-Z blog today! I gathered the very first A posts of all the co-hosts so we could all see how far we've come. It's pretty fun. Check it out :)

Amy took a deep breath, feeling the Man in White's hand rising on her stiff shoulder. She murmured under her breath, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall..." as she readied her body. Amy braced her feet, made fists with both hands, and launched herself at the mirror. Blanco yelped when she dashed out of his grasp. Her right fist and shoulder made a solid connection with the glass. The mirror, with Amy on top of it, tumbled to the ground and smashed spectacularly.

The force of the impact threw shards of glass up into the air and down the hallway, and even back toward Blanco. Amy sprang up and stood with her back against the wall, fearlessly meeting Blanco's eyes once more. He looked at her across the glittering mess and slowly brushed glass from his clothing. A couple larger shards had made it through the cloth and tiny blossoms of blood were spreading across his pure white shirt.

"What now?" she asked. Her voice was calm, focused, and dead cold.

Her mind was not nearly so calm. She knew she had made him angry and had no idea how he would respond. Amy felt pinpricks all over her face and neck but dared not touch them for fear of driving the splinters further into her skin. The knuckles on her right hand smarted fiercely where they had struck the mirror, and the dampness at her fingertips told her they were bleeding a fair bit. Without taking her eyes off the Man in White, she brought Cal's handkerchief from her pocket and wrapped it securely around her hand.

"This is not over." Blanco said, fiercely. "I will get what I want. And you will give it to me." With that, and a swish of his hand, he was gone.

Amy slumped against the wall. She held her right hand in her left and tried to think.

"Well, Sugar. You have got yourself in quite the pickle here! It was a lot of work to get into this place. Some serious spellwork surrounds this palace. I had to pick my way right through all these nitty little spells, and almost lost a sequin tryin' to get into this hallway." Cal popped into the room, just feet in front of her. He was resplendent in a strapless purple gown, bedecked with sequins in all the right places, and dainty silver jewelry with turquoise that stood out masterfully against his dark skin and the jewel toned dress. "You didn't have to bleed on my handkerchief though. A kiss would have done the trick!"

Amy threw herself into Cal's arms. She was unbearably grateful to see a familiar and friendly face, even if he was the first person to do magic on her during this crazy day.

"There, there, darlin'," he said, patting her back. "Now what can I do to help you out of this mess, Sugar? And I don't mean grabbing a broom to sweep. Cal does not sweep floors."

How can Cal help?
Undo the damage to the mirror so Amy can try to get home?
Do Unto the Man in White has he did Unto Irena?
Help her Understand what is happening in this place?

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