A-Z Challenge: Listen

This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge. This year my theme is simply, "things I know." Some posts will be informational, some about life lessons, some about things I've learned as an author/blogger.

Listening can be the greatest gift we give someone.

This was a hard one for me to learn as a kid! I was a talker. A classic extrovert, who wanted everyone's attention to be on me ALL the time. I still struggle with it at times, especially if I'm in an intense mood and need someone to listen to me. 

But I've found that so often, sitting and listening to someone's stories or their thoughts can be more rewarding than doing the talking myself. I know what the litany in my own head sounds like. On a personal level, hearing someone else's thoughts can not only be reassuring ("oh good! I'm not the only one losing her mind right now!"), but also a great source of stories to draw from for writing. But then in the larger scheme of things listening can be doing something good for someone else - giving them the knowledge that someone has truly paid attention to them for a while. Haven't we all thought, 'I wish someone would just listen to me!' How great to give that gift to someone else!

Here is a great quote about listening that I pulled from a quote list on Goodreads:

“Friends are those rare people who ask how we are, and then wait to hear the answer.” 
― Ed Cunningham

Love it :)

Who have you listened to today? Is there anyone you'd like to reach out to as an interested listener?


  1. Listening truly is a gift to others. As a naturally shy person, I'm very good at gifting others with my ears (now I sound like my ears are special lol), and I like that I can be there for them if/when they need a bit of extra attention.
    Great post and quote!

  2. And we all crave to be heard, so giving that opportunity to someone is truly a gift.

  3. Anonymous8:26 PM

    This is a great reminder for us to take a minute and listen to those around us, whether they're talking to us directly or strangers in a public place talking to one another (always a good source for story ideas)

    I was an only child and so i'm used to having everyone's undivided attention. If I want to speak to someone (usually my wife) I assume they will listen. But my daughter is 4 and she has fantastic verbal skills. The only thing she hasn't learned is to wait her turn to speak. So here I am getting frustrated with my little one for interrupting while she just wants to share her thoughts with us. Which one of us is the child? :/

    The Pedestrian Writer visiting from the A to Z blogging challenge

  4. Great post! Stopping by from the A to Z challenge. Today I listened to my Dad share his feelings as my mom is in the hospital with Luekemia. It was a very sweet and special time.

  5. The temptation to share our own thoughts and problems (and worlds) with others is a constant thing. But stopping to observe, listen and absorb someone else in his entirety as a person can be really rewarding. It makes you realize you're not as isolated as you thought you were; there are countless others out there, facing life, learning and listening.

  6. Listening can be the greatest gift we give someone.

    Absolutely true, AJ!

    Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2014, My Latest post

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  7. Listening is an art lost in transition of having more shallow communications. Now people are worried about breadth not depth.

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  8. I'm a little behind, just wrote my "L" tonight and will publish tomorrow but it is also "L is for Listen." I used the same quote from Goodreads and added 7 more from various places. It's great to be a part of A to Z for the first time.
    Sharon at http://idaretobehappy.com/

  9. Anonymous11:36 PM

    It is generally believed that salespeople are very good at speaking. While that is correct, what's not generally known is that the best salespersons are much better at listening than at speaking. It's only by listening to a customer that a salesperson can understand the customer's needs.
    Another argument in favour of listening more than speaking: Since a person has 2 ears and 1 mouth, every person should listen twice as much as (s)he speaks!


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