Superb Owl Sunday Snowshoe

We decided to make use of all the Superbowl excitement and get some snowshoeing in while everyone else was getting ready for their parties and whatnot.

Parking was a bit of a shenanigan involving snowbanks and a VW bus that someone had painted all over with acrylics. There may have been a couple exclamations of, "Damn hippies!" as we attempted to get my car to squeeze between their bus and the snowbank. But we made it through with a little bit of a boost from behind from a kind stranger, and all was well. (Really it's a little funny to complain about hippies, living where we do, because we're really all rather hippie'ish. But that's another post :) )

The trail we took was Peaceful Valley, and it certainly was that! We only saw six or seven people the whole time we were out, including a woman who was biking on the trail. Which.. well. Let's just say it was very impressive. There's something to be said for someone whom, after you've just snowshoed for seven miles, makes you feel like you're a lazy person!

The picture is of the spot where we stopped for lunch. The snow ledge in the center of the picture shows how deep the snow is. The part where it juts out is where the pile of snow starts on top of a giant rock. It had melted quite a bit, since it was being hit by the strong sun, but there were still about four feet piled up.

It was a lovely day and I certainly feel as though I took a bit of the Peaceful Valley back down the hill with me. (A good thing, because the Super Bowl did not lend itself to peaceful feelings! Poor Broncos forgot to show up to the game...)

How was your Sunday? Did you do anything fun this weekend?