IWSG - February

OK, I will admit it. Our new book Sky Pirates is kind-of kicking my butt. Armageddon was a crazy ride, so much fun, and we had such a tight deadline. We wrote Armageddon as a party favor for the attendees at Dan's birthday party. So, the date was set, we knew the absolute latest we could finish in order to get it to the printer, and we skidded in under that deadline at about 3am. The whole thing went from concept to print in about three weeks. The reworking (aka removal of copyright infringements) and making it ready for actual publication took nine months, because, well.. life.

But Sky Pirates is different. We're writing it with the express purpose of publication. But this time we don't have a solid finish-or-you're-deadline. There's no reason that we absolutely have to finish by a certain date, and I'm having a bit of a time to find the motivation that I really need to settle down and do the work. I'm excited about the book and enjoy writing it, but it's so easy to get myself distracted by things like Co-hosting the A-Z Challenge, or going outside, or you know, life..

What do you do to keep yourself writing when life threatens to derail you?

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