Minions/helpers needed! #atozchallenge

As we announced over on the A-Z blog today, us co-host types are in need of a few good people to work behind the scenes to make the Challenge run well. I think I'd like 6 or 7 wHooligans to help me out. Here are some details:

  • You'd get a super-awesome badge to put on your blog, identifying you as one of my people.
  • We'll list your name as a helper on the A-Z blog - this is really great for traffic, as we get TONS of visitors over there leading up to and during the Challenge.
  • I'd like to do a feature post on each of my wHooligans in the two weeks before the Challenge, so you get to benefit from my extra traffic too!
What you'd be doing:
  • I'll have a list of participants' blogs to keep track of. Y'all would be my team to actively support those folks as well as make sure they're actually participating (they're not just an ad site, etc). 
  • You'll need to participate in our private blog where we'll keep track of all the goings-on with our list.
That's pretty much it! Being an A-Z helper is super fun and a great way to make new blogging friends. I was on Tina's Terrific Team last year and it made the Challenge just that much more awesome! 

Leave a comment below if you are interested :)


  1. leeeelyons .8:16 PM

    I'm interested. Where do I sign up?

  2. Hope you get plenty of helpers. A lot signed up at the A to Z Blog.

  3. leeeelyons .7:43 AM

    I'll sign up. What do I need to do?

  4. frodofrog1:56 PM

    I saw that. I just compiled the names onto the Team Blog.

  5. frodofrog1:57 PM

    Hi! I just sent you a Tweet since I couldn't find your email. Let's chat :)

  6. leeeelyons .2:48 PM

    Hello. I'll send you a direct message on twitter with my email.

  7. Sounds like fun! I'd love to do this one day. This April, though, I'm due with my third child. I'm not even positive I'll be able to participate in the A-to-Z. I hope I can. :)

  8. Dana@The Daily Dose7:42 PM

    That last post was from me. :) LOL

  9. frodofrog7:45 PM

    You could just post a whole month of adorable baby pictures! And then we can all go visit to ooh and ahh to help with motivation :) Congrats!

  10. M. J. Joachim7:23 AM

    We sure do love our helpers! The job is not that hard and well worth the extra exposure for one's blog.

  11. LuAnn Braley10:12 AM

    Where do I sign, M'Lady? :O)

  12. helen Jameson3:13 PM

    I accept the title of hooligan! fun!

  13. Elsie Amata5:15 PM

    I'd love to help if you still need some minions. I've helped Alex with IWSG and had a blast doing it. Be well!

  14. frodofrog8:52 PM

    Awesome! Thanks, Helen!

  15. frodofrog8:52 PM

    You just did! ;)


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