Six Word Saturday!

Digging out from under the holidays.

Oh man, y'all.. Laundry, putting away decorations, cleaning floors (Where did someone find mud??), trying to save the plant cuttings grandma gave me, cleaning up gift boxes from around the tree... I do love the holidays, but when one goes from one week with one family to another week with the other side of the family, I believe it should be required to take another full week off for recovery. Amiright? It's ok though, because we're getting it all done today to make room for tomorrow's six words: 
Taking a pregnant friend out snowshoeing.
She's 36 weeks and wants to go showshoeing! (obviously on a fairly easy trail, but STILL) This is the kind of stuff that happens in Colorado. It's a pretty cool state we live in :)

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  1. hilary1:53 PM

    I agree - recovery is needed after the holidays..

  2. Kathe W.2:02 PM

    Colorado is lovely- I visit friends and family there when I can! Have a great day!

  3. frodofrog8:27 AM

    We really love it here. There is always something to do :)

  4. frodofrog8:28 AM

    Right? For a couple of days at least.

  5. L. Diane Wolfe9:40 AM

    I need a week off after the holidays even when family isn't involved.


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