CoHosting April A-Z!

Well, it's official! I'm going to be one of the cohosts for the illustrious April A-Z Challenge this year! I had a ball being one of Tina's helper Minions for the Challenge last year and am so honored that they offered me a spot on the cohosting team for this spring's event.

April is always a crazy month for me, what with being the month before my Summer work-craziness starts, and it won't be any different this year, but I'm excited about the additional responsibilities and the opportunity to be on such a great team. Also, one of my goals for this spring is to get out there and do more networking to support my writing habit - what better way than by being heavily involved with the biggest blog hop in the 'verse?

Here's to keeping busy and making connections in 2014 :)

Check out the other members of the super-awesome A-Z Cohost team!
Arlee Bird (the creator of the A-Z Challenge!)
Tossing it Out

Nicole Ayers

Damyanti Biswas

Tina Downey

Heather Gardner

Jeremy Hawkins

MJ Joachim

Stephen Tremp


  1. Welcome to the team, AJ! Damyanti

  2. frodofrog7:52 AM

    Thanks, Alex!

  3. frodofrog7:52 AM

    Thanks, Damyanti!

  4. welcome to the group... now i need you to sign this roommate agreement and take me to the dentist, comic book shop, pottery barn to return these star wars sheets... :)

  5. frodofrog9:08 AM

    Bahahaha.. You come in with a BBT reference right off? Oh I think we'll get along just fine :)

  6. Laura3:24 PM

    I did maybe half of the A-Z challenge last year and it was tons of fun. That's awesome that you're co-hosting!

  7. oh gosh the thermostat... sign here!

    excellent.... :)


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