Insecure Writer's Support Group

As I mentioned on Sunday, one of my goals for this spring is to make more connections in the writing world. I think one of the better ways to do that is to make sure I'm connecting with folks in the blogging world, which I fell out of a bit at the end of last year. My summers are SO busy, and I just didn't have the energy to spend writing or reading in addition to my long work weeks. It took until about October to feel refreshed and by then I'd lost my habit of writing regularly. So I dove into NaNoWriMo (and won! yay!) and then didn't do any more blogging in December. Up and down, up and down.. Not so much with habits on the blogging front. Anyway, the hope is that I can get into a real habit, and one of the things I wanted to do to help that out was to join the Insecure Writer's Support Group - a bunch of lovely writers who help each other 'rock the neurotic writing world' haha

So here's a confession for my first IWSG post: I've wanted to join for quite a while, but never could quite make the commitment. You could say, 'well it's just the first Wednesday of each month - what's the big deal?' but here's the thing: I think it's like taking the first step in AA - you have to admit you have a problem before you can start getting better. So here I go: My name is AJ and I have a writing addiction. No, not an addiction, and as previously mentioned, not a habit either. I have a .. thing. I have a thing about writing. I love it and always have. I've gone through phases of calling myself a writer, and not calling myself one. But I suppose that since I've got a book published and another one in the works, I have to admit that I am a writer and own it too!

So this is me owning it, and waving hello to the other IWSG folks. I am looking forward to meeting all of you!


  1. River Fairchild8:06 AM

    Welcome to the IWSG! Taking that first step - admitting to an insecurity - is scary but this is such a wonderful, supportive group.

    River – IWSG Co-host

    With Words

  2. frodofrog8:35 AM

    :) Thanks, River!

  3. Cindy W.8:38 AM

    Admittance is the first step, and with a book published, you can certainly call yourself an author.
    I have a 'thing' with writing too. Sometimes it doesn't go so well, but I can't quit.


  4. Leanne Ross1:06 PM

    Hey AJ.
    This is me waving back.
    Your book looks fun (if you can call Armageddon fun).
    My philosophy is, if I feel like I am a writer, I am a writer. I am not published (yet), but that does not change the fact that the thing that gives me fulfillment is creating stories.
    Leanne ( http://readfaced.wordpress.com/ )

  5. frodofrog1:29 PM

    We made Armageddon as fun as possible :)

  6. frodofrog1:38 PM

    Can't quit, that's the thing! Gotta do your best not to accidentally quit, either.

  7. Sarah Chafin1:52 PM

    Welcome to the group! I hope that you find it as supportive as I have :)

  8. M. J. Joachim3:40 PM

    Welcome to the group! Congrats on winning nano!

  9. frodofrog3:50 PM

    Thanks, MJ!

  10. frodofrog4:10 PM

    Thanks! I am looking forward to meeting everyone :)

  11. Congratulations on taking the first step. And welcome to the IWSG! You are in the right place.

  12. frodofrog8:52 PM

    Thanks, Alex! Gonna be spending lots of time together this spring... :D

  13. Jennifer Chandler7:06 AM

    Welcome to IWSG! Thanks so much for visiting my blog yesterday! It can be scary admitting that you're a writer. Who will understand? What do I do next? Well, WE understand this "thing" about writing :) We also understand the crazies that happen in this beautiful world of words. Go for it this year! Write that book (or collection or whatever)! We all go through dry spells. I've been the world's worst at falling by the wayside in the blog-verse.

    The neatest thing is: everyone here is happy to help pick you back up, dust you off, and send you on your way!

    Nice to meet you!

  14. Glad you joined the IWSG! I think you'll find that you'll never have trouble coming up with new insecurities to post about every month.

  15. frodofrog8:34 AM

    Hahaha Ken.. I'm sure I won't :)

  16. Cherie Colyer6:58 PM

    Hi AJ! Welcome to the group. I have a thing about writing too =) Congrats on winning Nano!


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