Y is for Yay!

I started my April A-Z talking about things I enjoy, got a little gripey in the middle, and now I would like to reflect for a moment on things for which I am thankful. Some things in my life that make me say, "yay!" when I take a moment to think about them.

Thankful for rain! Even if it is
only .04"
I am thankful for my husband and our beautiful home,
For family, friends and pleasant coworkers and acquaintances,
For students who teach me more than I teach them.

I am thankful to be physically able enough to explore mountains and oceans,
For my voice and living somewhere that allows me to use it,
For being sick once in a while because it reminds me just how much I appreciate those things.

I am thankful for all my past experiences, maybe even especially the bad ones,
For they continue to teach me so much.
For quiet Saturday mornings, having time to soak in the wonderful things in my life.

What are things that make you say, "Yay!"?