Z is for Zigzags!

What a busy homemaking weekend in Chez Sweet! We have our first batch of visitors arriving Friday, so wanted to get some things done before they arrived.
from tlc.howstuffworks.com
Yesterday morning I learned how to use my sewing machine (a wonderful wedding present that I haven't had time to master yet). I have not yet mastered the zigzag stitch, but did make a sweet curtain for our laundry room. There's nothing like learning a new skill, and with the added bonus of having my first project turn out well, it was a pretty happy morning.

Today we tackled the painting of the guest bedroom. We still have one coat of paint for three of the walls, but the accent wall is done. After getting into everything we thought perhaps we should have saved that for last? Jury's out on that one.. But the room is almost done, and will be much more welcoming for our guests :) The zigzag here, of course, is the first pass you make with a paint roller.

All in all a fun, productive weekend.

(And the last post for A-Z! Hooray I made it and didn't miss a single one! :) :) )