I've managed to get a pretty nasty cold so in an effort to not expose you all to too much of my meds-induced lack of coherent'ness.. This week's theme for A-Z will be "short and, naturally, sweet."


Ubi, ubi, est sub-ubi? So many times we laughed at the Latin translation of "oh where, oh where are my underwear?" Giggling and chanting because no one could understand our joke, our private nerdy  moments sustained us in the halls.


  1. Latin is hilarious, yet so pretentious and takes itself so seriously. Nice!

  2. that is funny sounding!

  3. amo, amas, amat, A Latin student I'm not..... did you do that one too?
    Four years of high school Latin with one of the crabbiest teachers ever -- at least I did well on the SAT vocab section....


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