we went to a korean wedding yesterday.. super cool. our coworker sean was the one getting married. he was all concerned that we shouldnt go because it was 'so far away!' .. but tim and i absolutely could not think of anything better to do on a sunday afternoon than go to a wedding, so we hitched a ride with two of our coworkers and went up there. the first half of the wedding was western style and the second half was traditional korean. here are my pictures:

this is the happy groom, our coworker sean:

and the beautiful bride:

i have more pictures, but blogger is being a pain right now with the uploading.. i'll try to post a picture of them in their traditional korean wedding clothes and one of tim and i at the wedding too.. but not now. my battery is almost dead, and it's just about bedtime.

oh! and also, today was 'teachers' day' here.. so the kids had off of normal school. some of them brought gifts for us. i got a rose (only the second time i've received flowers from a boy that wasn't for prom, etc. exciting and he was SO nervous about it!), a cute handkerchief, a cell phone charm and a bar of lavender soap. the kids were so cute... 'teacher! teacher! it is teacher's day!' and then they'd hand the person a gift and scamper off. one of the teachers didnt even get a chance to say thank you b/c the student was so shy about it. pretty soon i will figure out a non-awkward reason/way to bring my camera in to my classes so i can post pictures of my students. really, you'll melt. the cuteness is astounding. sometimes i walk into the room for my younger classes and just want to take them all home. then i think about how insane that would be and rethink it, and just enjoy my time in the class.

here is so good for my soul (seoul? *groan*). i really suggest that anyone who can take the opportunity to do something like this. it's just.. wow.