PICTURES!!!! we have internet again yayy! here are some fun pix for you all!

these are some drawings some of my students did. we were talking about animals. i think there must be some pink bunny character that korean children know, because these two were not the only ones who drew their rabbits pink.

in korea, you get your pizza tied with a red bow! i later found out that the bow is for carrying purposes, but it was exciting on our third day in the country :D

the teaching crew. the guy to my right is our roommate (from Hartford, WI.. who would have guessed?). the black guy at the back of the table is tim's friend eric who brought us here. yayy eric!

korean children's day festival. similar to mothers/fathers day in the US, except that everyone gets off work and school for a day. i took this in the park by my house. the YMCA set up a bunch of activities for everyone. i think this was some sort of dance competition? not too sure, but i know one of the kids got REALLY embarassed and looked at the floor most of the time she was up there.

this is an *absolutely* amazing view of the mountain going up to seoul tower, standing on a bridge near eric's house in itaewon. the tower is infinitely cooler at night time, but i dont have any good pictures of that yet.

for tara, heidi and arianna.. i ate some baba gannouj!! aka baba gannoush.. hehehe yeah. tasty stuff, by the way.

the itaewon food festival. there were cool fireworks happening just to the left of this picture, but tim didn't catch any of them. everywhere is a hill/mountain around seoul, so just about every time you turn a corner you see some other amazing view. pretty sweet.

we found a green bay packers fan in itaewon!! he started crying while i tried to take his picture.. i think his dad thought it was funny.

ok it's bedtime. peace out.