so.. still no internet at home.. but our boss is going to call the internet company for us today to look into it. so hopefully tonight?? would be nice..

we spent this weekend in seoul. i've decided that i've fallen in love with seoul tower at night. it's absolutely beautiful. from our friend eric's rooftop, you can see the buildings on the mountain all lit on the way up the mountain, and then colorful seoul tower standing at the top, glowing and changing colors. as tim put it, it looks like you can just walk up the rooftops and get to the tower. i have pictures.. will post as soon as i can.

we spent most of the weekend in itaewon, which is part of seoul (similar to how coral gables is part of miami, or the bronx is part of new york). it was built specifically for foreigners, so there are lots of english bars and even places where you can pay with american money. mostly just spent time wandering around and going to various clubs/bars. lots of food, lots of dancing, not much sleep. good times!

i have to go teach. i'm using the computer in the teachers' office again and the bell just rang. yayy teaching!