IWSG - March 2016

The first Wednesday of every month is the Insecure Writer's Support Group, which was started by the ninja-captain himself, Alex J. Cavanaugh. Check out the IWSG page to see the list of others who participate (or to join!).

I totally initially titled this post "February 2016"... So that's a good indicator of where my head is at right now :)

I successfully submitted a story to an anthology for the first time yesterday! So that's exciting. Now, of course, we wait to hear if it will be accepted, but I'm mostly ok with whatever happens. I put something good out there, and if this anthology doesn't want it, there are always others, right?

There's part of me (a masochistic part? are all artists masochists in some ways?) that is actually looking forward to possibly getting a rejection. I guess it feels like getting rejections is part of being a 'real writer'. Someone who has been tempered and tested, so by the time there is an acceptance there is a little bit more legitimacy there. It means you've put yourself out there, had work critiqued by the industry, and been encouraged to keep working. Keep skill building, learning, reading books and taking classes. 

Not that I need any encouragement to keep learning things.


Little nudges never hurt.

What little nudges have you had lately?


  1. Nudges? for me, the words 'Draft 2 Digital' along with the notice that my enrollment period ends March 7. It's been...let me see...four years. If that ain't a nudge, I don't know what it is. (A kick in the pants, maybe?) But hooray for that first step with the anthology! Fingers crossed for (1) acceptance and (2) continuing submssions!

  2. You're ahead of the game just submitting something. Of all the manuscripts that are written (which is exponentially smaller than those that are started), scads are still waiting in a drawer. You are an inspiration!

  3. Congratulations on getting your work out there. That is a major feat whether it gets selected or not. And yes, I believe rejections are a part of being a real writer. It is not that we are masochistic but we are learning how to deal with negatives with a smile so that when the acceptance come we sit down and cry and say, hallelujah, it happen. :-)

  4. Cool, I hope you get accepted for the anthology. Yep, rejection is a good character building event, but so is acceptance :)

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I hope your story is picked for the anthology. I was just skimming through the blogs I bookmarked from last year's A to Z challenge for having unusual, unique, or informative themes and your blog is on that list. I thought I would stop by and say hello before the challenge begins. I'm glad you signed up again. I'm having some real technical problems with my blog loading. I noticed the problem began after I refused to switch my profile to Google plus. I hope I can get it all worked out before April 1st. I'm looking forward to your theme reveal and reading your posts again this year. See you in April. Take care.


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