#AtoZChallenge - Navigate to find warmth

Hi everyone! I'm back. :) My surgery went well and the healing is coming along nicely. Feels good to not be laying on my couch! Didn't Dan do a great job the last couple days? He spoiled you with extra long posts and a dinosaur. Here's hoping I can live up to the high standards he set this week!

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For anyone who is just tuning in, this is an interactive fiction adventure. You read the bit of story, and then vote in the comments below to tell us which of the options you want Amy to do. To go back to the beginning, start reading at the letter A. And then don't forget to vote when you make it back to this post!

Amy took a moment to steady herself before navigating the palace gardens. She looked down at the fish statue. Rain scattered across its scales glistened cheerfully, lending the statue the appearance of having just leapt out of the sea. She ran her finger down its back to send rivulets trailing merrily down the pattern of scales and then lifted her head to survey the cobbled yard. Three gates led in different directions from the courtyard. One appeared to point down toward the sea, another off to the right in directions unknown, and the third back along the windowed wall of the ballroom.

The third led back in the direction of Irena, and also.. The kitchen garden! Which must be close to the kitchen, and hopefully a hearth. Amy hurried through the gate, arriving in the familiar juniper garden. Here again she paused. The smell of the garden had changed. Whereas earlier the tang of the sea cut through the woodsy smell of the trees, now the rain added a clean dirt smell to the mix. There was no breeze, so the humid garden's smells welcomed Amy into their familiar embrace. She inhaled appreciatively and continued on.

She kept the windows of the ballroom to her left while hugging the side of the trail, thus tracing the outside of the palace while staying safely out of view. Eventually she reached a clearing that she recognized, and headed in the direction of the kitchen garden. It's a good thing Irena didn't nap out here! She'd be soaked!, Amy thought.

On the far side of the garden was a small servants' door. Amy picked her way through the garden path past various vegetables and herbs (also particularly fragrant and colorful after the rain) and her stomach rumbled as she caught the scent of fresh baked bread. She pushed open the door and was greeted by a bustling kitchen.

What should Amy do?
Ask one of the cooks for some of the Onion sOup cooking in a vat next to the hearth,
Test her authority and Order them to give her some bread,
Or walk in and warm her bOOty by the hearth.

Remember to vote in the comments below to let me know where you want the story to go tomorrow!

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