#AtoZChallenge - Lulling Through Dance

I had a minor surgery yesterday, so will be away from blogging for a couple days. My super amazing and generous co-author Dan Keidl has offered to continue the story for you all while I heal up, so this post is written by him with my blessing and curiosity as to what he'll come up with!

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Cautiously Amy accepted the hand of the painted likeness of Prince Leo, allowing him to draw her out into the center of the empty hall. Her sense of danger abated as she tried to think of what she was supposed to do. It seemed to her that she had probably never really danced before, though she had a fuzzy inkling in her brain that perhaps she had been present when a tutor had introduced Irena in the basic steps of some popular dances. Trying to remember the occasion made her feel confused.

Sensing hesitation through her hand, the painted prince paused and asked her, "Is everything all right, Amy?"

Not wishing to seem out of place, Amy shook her head slightly, dispelling her doubts, and responded, "Yes, your highness. Shall we?"

She curtsied in what she hoped was a sufficiently elegant and respectful fashion, and the prince bowed. No sooner had they completed their respects than he had swept her up in his arms and stepped them both into the dance! The music from the phonograph across the ballroom seemed to swell to fill the space, becoming a rousing, extravagant song. The chandeliers above burst into warm, merry light.

Amy's confusion vanished, and she found herself enchanted by the boisterous music, the bobbing, swaying and dipping of the dance she was being led through, the happy conversations of all the many party-goers around them, the closeness and warmth of the handsome prince, his dark hair and beard tousled by his momentum, his eyes shining peculiarly...

The rest of the dance passed in the blink of an eye -- or else Amy was too swept off her feet to really process it all properly -- but she found herself at last being led to a table by the dance floor and supplied a glass of water by a helpful servant. Some indistinct noblepersons crowded around the prince, offering Amy a moment to herself.

Now that she was seated and refreshed, and released from the heady motion of the dance, she found herself able to focus a little more clearly. At once the room seemed a little dimmer, the music a bit more tinny, and the crowds somewhat more sparse.

"How very strange!" Amy remarked airily to a pair of bystanders, who turned to regard her but said nothing. As Amy's gaze swept away from them they vanished like mist, though she did not notice. She could hear the rain beating against the tall arched windows quite insistently in the back of her mind, though the ballroom still seemed quite bright and joyful. Though she was having a wonderful time, she found herself missing the rain somehow.

Something very peculiar seemed to be going on. Amy could not reconcile the notions in her head with the evidence of her eyes. Taking proper stock of the situation seemed to be in order.

What should Amy do?
Make her way back to the majestic prince and make known to him her concerns.
Mingle with the masses and explore the ballroom.
Move to the windows so she may see the rain.

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