IWSG: February

Just a quick IWSG post from me today, from a conference (and on my phone, hence no pics or formatting!)

I am attending a conference this week called Creating Change. It is a conference for activists, organizers and leaders in the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) movement. Today is the first day and we have not been talking about LGBT issues at all. Today is all about race.

We are talking about things like: how my whiteness impacts how I speak up for LGBT people; why we are so willing to talk about other movements but remain afraid of race conversations; how I understand the world differently because I am white.

So since it is IWSG day I am also thinking about:
* How do stereotypes and prejudices inform my writing (are my only characters  of color always the bad guys?)
* Are there ways that I can further the causes of justice that I so strongly believe in, through my fiction?
* How can I show my audiences that I am an ally and though I am white, people of color will not find themselves excluded or if included always negatively portrayed in my writing?

Are these things you think about when writing?