Super awesome dresser!

One of the items on our project list for The January Cure was to get a dresser or table to put on the wall between the bathroom and closet in our bedroom. The wall just.. needs to have something, and we needed somewhere that could take in odds and ends.

Also tights and leggings are a must in the winter in Colorado, but I swear the darn things multiply when I'm not looking! They were piled high in the closet but are now tucked safely away in adorable little drawers:

So many drawers!
That black binder is *packed* with
travel information
There's room for more...
 Actually the top right and top two left 'drawers' are cabinets, which my adorable husband promptly insisted were to be for storing maps. We have a lot of maps due to all the hiking and traveling, and they were previously piled up on a shelf in the office. But look how nicely they fit in there!

One of my greatest goals in decorating our home is that it be full of items that have significance. Either because we got them while traveling, or they came through our families somehow, or are art created by us or loved ones. I love to be surrounded by things that remind me of my favorite places and people.

So in the picture above you'll see a couple items of significance. The picture on the wall is from a local artist that we found on our visit to Greenwich Village just outside London when we went to see the Prime Meridian Observatory. It depicts the Village with the Meridian cutting through it. The roses are from my bouquet when I stood up in the wedding of one of my best friends, and the vase was a 'big purchase' for my first apartment. I think I need to add a little more something to the vase. Need to receive more flowers! hah The fabric on top of the dresser will actually be hung on the opposite wall over our bed, and came from my husband's grandmother's home.

I'll have to figure out what actually goes on top of the dresser, but I'm so pleased with it both functionally and aesthetically :)

What is your process for deciding how to decorate your home?


  1. That is a really neat little dresser and I love the way everything means something. Raising four children, our house was mostly decorated for the comfort of a large family but now that they're mostly grown up, I'm slowly making it the way I want it to be and carefully selecting things I like to use and look at.

  2. That dresser is awesome! I want it! I'll be moving from an apartment into a house in May, so I'll have to let you know my decorating process then. ;)

  3. Cool dresser! I love looking at unique furniture, though I don't dare bring anything more into my house. :)

    I've been in redecorating mode. Winter does that to me. I'm framing art to hang in the guest room, and I bought two bedspreads. I never have a real plan, just do things when the mood strikes.

  4. I've never been one to buy furniture from a store, so your dresser would fit perfectly into my decor or what my family calls my treasure cave. I love unique pieces that have a history or something that makes me love them.

  5. Now that's a dresser! And thanks for stopping by for Blitz Day!

  6. Just stopping by as I work through the list of people already signed up for the A to Z Challenge. :-)

    I love that dresser, it's so pretty and functional too. I'm kind of jealous, even though there is nowhere in my house that I could put something like that.

    As for your question, there's not really a process for furniture for our home. I'm dead against anything matching too much. I like everything to be different which means that things tend towards quirky. It doesn't bother me if my bookcases are different colours or that none of the wood in the living room is the same shade because everything has a particular story or use or reason for being there.


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