IWSG - December!

This post is part of the Insecure Writer's Support Group, a bloghop dedicated to writers supporting one another through this crazy thing called 'being a writer'. 

I'm sure a lot of us IWSG folks are posting today about National Novel Writing Month, as a lot of us are the nutty types who would dedicate a whole month to high word counts and (perhaps more importantly) cheering one another along while we accomplish that novel writing thing. I have, happily, won NaNo for my second year. This year I worked on two projects and had intended to spend my time on them about equally, but got swept up in one so the division ended up being more like 70/30. Regardless, I finished! Hooray. See? I have a lovely badge to prove it!

It's been kind-of a rough semester (since August things have been.. intense.. around here) so it was nice to set my mind to something and actually achieve it. I guess my IWSG this month is not so much that I'm feeling insecure, but more that I'm feeling more secure and happy in my writing than I have in a while. Is that allowed? (sorry Alex if I'm breaking the rules! ha)

This morning on my drive to work I thought of a new project and I'm a bit in love with it. I need to finish my NaNo novel first (I'd feel awful leaving it to gather dust!) so I'll take some notes and wait a bit to get into the new idea. But I'm happy that my brain has decided to continue with the writing trend!

What do you do when your writing ego needs a boost? Tell stories to kids who will just tell you they're great? Daydream about who would play your MC in the movie version? Something crazy like NaNoWriMo?


  1. Congrats on your win. I'm always amazed at those of you able to write so much and still keep up with other things like work and family.

    1. Hah well, I mean.. There IS a reason I didn't post any pictures of the state of my house..

  2. Personally, I think its more than fine to cheer up anyone who is feeling slightly insecure. Great job on Nano and I love the idea that you have another story idea so soon. I hope both do well once they're completed.

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

  3. Woohoo!!! Congrats :D
    And big yay on still going with the writing trend, that's is fantastic!

  4. Congrats on winning NaNo!

  5. Congrats on your NaNo win!
    Enjoy the new 'love interest'...the early heady sensation is the best! Happy writing!

  6. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Congrats AJ. When I'm feeling down about my writing - to be honest, I tend to do this whole "this too shall pass" thing. True confession, as an adolescent I struggled with clinical depression and that's where I learned certain coping strategies so as not to let feelings rule me. But sometimes I fail. But in the end I know the only way out is through.

  7. Congrats are definitely in order! Go Girl! I do love to daydream about who would play my characters in a movie! I too, am glad your brain is still excited about writing. Right now, I don't know what I'd do if I didn't write...

  8. Congrats on winning Nano! It's such a tough challenge, but now it's time to take a little breather and feel happy for your accomplishments. You did awesome!

  9. Congratulations on your NaNo win! That badge sure is lovely. :) And I think Alex will forgive you for being secure...we all want to be secure.


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