Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

AKA NaNoWriMo cram time! I've not had an easy time of keeping up with my NaNo words this year, so the weekend is pretty much dedicated to writing and eating leftovers. Not a bad life, really. My plan today is to alternate hours of writing with hours of chores. I'm hoping that this way I can get lots of both done and can end my day feeling good about the general state of things.
My NaNo word goal for the day is 5,000. Totally do'able!

A snippet from this morning's writing, then back to it for me: "David lived in the suburbs on a street lined by homes with big front porches and small back yards." My MC is investigating people and this guy is boorrrrrrinnnnnng.. 

Oh I guess it's Black Friday or something, too. Overwhelming day. I'll stay here with my words, thanks!

How are you spending your weekend?