A to Z Challenge: Yogurt!

This post is part of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge. This year my theme is simply, "things I know." Some posts will be informational, some about life lessons, some about things I've learned as an author/blogger.

It's been a couple days since a food post!

Yogurt is one of the best creations in the world. And, cultures (haha, ha) from all over the world have their own kinds of yogurt, which makes it not only wonderful, but also universal. I believe that everyone should find some kind of yogurt that they enjoy. It's great for your gut and tasty in many contexts - plain with pb and raisins, in cucumber dressing, baked into muffins... Mmm...

Is there a food you believe everyone should eat?


  1. I'm a yogurt fan. I use a celery stalk as a spoon when I eat it. I've been know to eat two or three stalks full of the stuff at one sitting.

  2. Everyone should eat pizza.
    Hey, you asked!

  3. Haha. This reminds me of one time hubby and I were at a friend's house and the subject of yogurt came up, and the way everyone was talking about it, you'd think it could solve the world's problems. I do like it though and just tried honey flavored Greek yogurt. OMG MMMMMMM!

    ~Patricia Lynne~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, YA Author

  4. yay for yogurt! i have one almost every day
    and looking back, i totally agree with your v-isitors post, totally have visitors to get the house clean!
    great job with the challenge!

  5. Peanut butter is my power food - gives me the protein energy I need and tastes great in smoothies, with celery and apples, and wonderful with yogurt!


  6. Yogurt with fresh mangoes and strawberries. Yum!

    Oh, and thank you for the A to Z Challenge! Had lots of fun.

  7. Anonymous8:49 AM

    I love yogurt. It's so versatile and can be savory or sweet. I agree with Sue. Peanut Butter - greatest invention ever. Whew, We did it. Another successful A to Z! Congrats!

  8. I wish I liked yogurt more, but so many times it will leave an aftertaste that makes me want to throw up. So, I have found a few that I like, but still don't like it enough to buy it very often. I need to try making more dips and such with it instead of mayo to save calories though. If you have time, and want to, you can check out my Y post.

  9. I laughed at your cultures pun. I eat yogurt almost every day. I cannot live without it!

    Here's my A to Z wrap-up post. I also have an End of Challenge book giveaway going on for either contemporary romance or contemporary YA


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