wHooligan feature! Helen Jameson

Today's featured wHooligan is the multi-talented Helen Jameson.

Helen writes Murder Mystery Dinner scripts! She also volunteers as a clown at her children's church. How cool is that? Her posts range in topic from writing, to her grandbaby, to conversations with Moe, her mafioso muse. That's right - we have a mafia connection on the team! Lookout A-Z :)

Here are Helen's answers to our A-Z questions!

What is the most Overrated letter of the Alphabet?
The letter ‘i’ especially when it is capitalized. Conversations that center around ‘I’ can be very boring.
Describe the last Halloween costume you wore. 
I was a Christmas elf. I had pointy ears and everything. I actually have been in several children’s plays and portrayed elves. I love being an elf. I also like ‘Elf the Movie’.

Name an item that you have too much of.
Coffee. I collect coffee, and I drink it, of course. Maybe a little too much sometimes.

What makes life worth living? 
Uh…coffee?  Actually, life is worth living if it is filled with love.
What is your "Thing". i.e. do you have a non-professional hobby or a particularly acute preference for something that you feel defines a large part of who you are?  
I’m a second degree blackbelt in Tae Kwondo, and I am a clown named Freckles. I consider myself lethally funny.

Go say hi to Helen! I promise you won't regret it. :)