A break from our regularly scheduled wHooligan features for a house update!

We've been quite busy lately with house projects. It must be springtime in the air putting a spring in our efforts. Or maybe it's that my whole family will be descending on us at the end of April (yikes!). Or perhaps yet, procrastination from all the writing I should be doing?

Anyway... One of the projects we've had on our list since we moved in was to find a buffet/hutch to put in our dining room. See that wall? It goes all the way up to a roof peak at the 2nd floor level. It's a BIG wall, and needed a piece of furniture to ground the room. Chris started searching Craigslist about a week ago, sending me links and trying to get a feel for what I thought would work. This one was the winner!

And! They were moving this weekend and really needed to get rid of it, so they only asked us for $100 to take it off their hands! Talk about a Craigslist win... The hutch is solid oak and in near-new condition. For $100! I can't believe our luck! The room finally feels complete, and we have somewhere to stash our serving dishes.

I can't wait until that plant sitting on top of it starts to really grow. It's still basically a cutting in a pot of dirt, but once it branches out it will be lovely, don'tcha think?

Anybody got a good Craigslist story? A win or a fail?