Closed for Writing!

Oh man, you guys, I've been trying to do it all, but.. I just can't keep up the blogging while trying to finish this book. I've got to close up shop here for a week or so. Consider this to be your "out of order" sign, or maybe "out to lunch" - because that's certainly how I've felt trying to do everything at once!

I promise I'll be back soon, with a March full of wHooligan introductions, A-Z prep, and hopefully a cover reveal! Until then, here's a picture from our backpacking trip in the Grand Tetons last September. That, my friends, is what I dream about all winter.

Cascade Canyon, Grand Tetons, September 2013

Words of encouragement and butt-kicking are welcome. :) Off I go!


  1. shilpagarg10:48 PM

    Yes, go on and finish your book, AJ. We are waiting for you, right here!! :)
    That's such a beautiful pic and a backpacking trip here must be awesome!! :)

  2. TaMara3:42 AM

    Completely understandable! Focus on your book; we'll be here when you return.

  3. I know the feeling! Trying to finish a book before the Challenge begins. Happy writing.

  4. M. J. Joachim2:37 PM

    It certainly can be a lot sometimes, and it does get overwhelming. Enjoy your break and don't let it stress you out.


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