Ack! I missed Six Word Saturday!

Hey that was six words :)

It's been a super-busy, very productive weekend at Chez Sweet. It was a gorgeous 70 degrees out on Friday, so I took the day off to start digging a garden plot in the backyard. Friday and Saturday were all about tearing up sod (with a brief foray into 'maybe we should replace some sod in the front yard! ..umm no that's way too much work') and today we get to actually build the frames for the raised bed. My forearms are very glad we're done with the sod.

We also found a local guy who makes pretty rockin' composters, so we'll be starting that soon.

I've also, also been hemming some drapes, and getting in some reading and writing in my spare time. Yup, spring is springing and I'm restless. Productive, but restless..