Featured :)

Am going home for a reunion and a book event this weekend, so am feeling pretty nostalgic. That means this week we're going to get a little retro. Enjoy :)

I think I've pointed out my badge on the right that identifies me as being part of Tina's Terrific Team for April A-Z (have you signed up yet? huh? huh?). Well, one of the perks of being one of Tina's minions is that she is featuring me on her blog today! Fun!

I mentioned we were doing retro this week, and here's the deal - you have to head over to Tina's blog to see it. It's worth it, I promise! I'll wait while you go look. It will only take a second. 


Didja see it?

How about dem kitties? And those adorable glasses? Yeahhhh... Told you it was worth it! Happy Wednesday! :)