Blueberry Bread

Woo! Playing with my format! The previous version of my blog is a template that was a gift from my friend Jacob. He made it for me about 5 years ago, so I've decided it is time for it to have its rest. I've messed about with the template a lot today and am not yet totally pleased, so bear with me as I finesse it in the next couple weeks.

This week I am going to post several of the pieces I wrote for the writing project with my friend Victor. Several people on my FB have expressed interest, so.. Ask and you shall receive!

But first, some foodie love. Our aluminum pans have seen better days, so I splurged and got a ceramic bread pan. It will never rust, which I can definitely appreciate. Plus, it's so very pretty!

So here is a picture of its inaugural use - Blueberry Bread. I adapted this recipe (a lot) by using buttermilk instead of sour cream, a fairly different mix of flours, and baking in a bread pan rather than muffin tin. And, of course, adding streusel. Mmm.. Good way to start a week, eh?