As promised, here is a bit of one of the things I wrote during my project with Victor this last month. This is the first installment of a story called Ringer and is actually what I wrote on the very first day:

She walked into the shop with a confused look on her face. “..is this someplace where I can make a phone call?” Ringer shook his head, “No ma’am. We just sell old phones. Get that question a lot though. I usually tell the crazies to try that one over there.” Her eyes lit up when she saw the old-fashioned hook phone. “Can I try it?” “It ain’t hooked up or nothin’... But be my guest.” Ringer sighed and turned around to give her some privacy. He heard her fingers fumbling with the rotary dial. She mumbled a couple of words, and moment later he heard the clack-thump of the hand piece being dropped and bumping against the cabinet. The girl was gone. Ringer bent down to replace the handset and was startled to hear a dial tone...

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