S is for Swearing Students

Dear Students,

Let's talk for a moment about Facebook and social media. Do you remember when I was your teacher, or your SGA Advisor, or your boss? And do you remember that conversation we had at the beginning of the school year or semester about how I will be an amazing reference for you so long as I see you being respectful of me, the college, and the people around you? And do you remember me saying that swearing, while a valid mode of self-expression, shows a lack in creativity and is frankly a rude thing to do around people that you expect to speak well of you? Because I do.

And here's the thing - that carries over into this wonderful place we call the Internet. And while I understand that you may find something to be "So f*cking funny!!!!!!!!zomg!!" wouldn't it be a better use of your college education to say that something is "So frightfully funny" or that you appreciated the juxtaposition of the cat's glower against the ridiculous clown wig? And rather than telling the internet that the school you plan to call your Alma Mater should go screw itself (which, in and of itself is a statement that defies physics and logic...), wouldn't it be a better use of breath to attempt to find/ask for resources to solve the problem you are having?

Because here's the thing. I don't meant to be a Puritan or a killjoy, but this stuff will follow you - and me! - around! Employers are looking at FB profiles (even asking for passwords). As a reference, I am putting my reputation out there to stand for you and say, "this is a quality person." And I don't really want my reputation to be associated with someone who can't think of anything better to say than a string of curse words.

So for some of you, just know that unless you start to clean up your online presence, the next time you ask me for a reference I just might have to tell you, "F*ck no."