well, the new york city adventures have begun.. i spent last night hanging out with libbidy, a friend from undergrad. was proud because i took the train by myself - a new experience for me in the states. the way down there was totally fine. not many people, relative quiet, no bumps.. on the way home, however, the train in front of mine broke down. so what should have been a one hour ride ended up being just over two hours, and i didn't get back to the house until 4am. coupled with the .. um.. 5? hours of sleep i had gotten the night before, and the strange guy who talked to me the whole time, that train ride was reallly interesting. random guy told me that wearing two thumb rings means i'm a serial killer. that statement was later retracted when he saw that my socks had flowers on them. because serial killers can't have flowers on their socks? sure. anyhow.. definitely a good night, but definitely a weird night.

going to see avenue Q tonight! super exciting.