i keep saying.. 'i should post something. it's really about time that i wrote something on my blog.. it's been a whole week' ..but ya know what? i've got nothing brilliant to say. just newsy stuff, but i guess that's something, eh? yeah, christmas came and went.. as mentioned in my thanksgiving post, i'm not a super huge fan of the holiday season.

so let's say the excitement of christmas was in getting a pretty shiny new watch (which i've needed for ages) and in telling my bros that they are coming to miami for the weekend in a couple of weeks. managed to not go to church this year, which was ok with me. mom and her bf went to holy hill's midnight mass again this year. i opted out b/c my back really hurt, and i didn't really want to go sit somewhere where i'd spend the entire time thinking about mike's mom. i'm not one for knowingly walking into emotional traps, and that seemed like a good enough reason for mom to not get vexed at my lack of participation in a church-related thing. *phew*

went to jess's annual boxing day celebration, which was followed by a wonderful overnight with jess and elise. there was lots of laughter, and lots of wine:

yes, jess, i put this picture in here :)

i've spent most of the rest of my time in WI sleeping, getting over my annual christmas cold. finally going out to madison to see wonderful people, today. should be fun, and i can finally give becky her birthday present from a couple months ago.

that's all i've got. new years post should be a bit more interesting..