so.. i *still* don't have internet at my apartment. which, really is the cause for the lack of posts lately. i feel bad sitting and writing a blog post while i'm at work.. and, really, don't have much time when i'm here. everything lately has been meetings, class and homework, with some hardcore hanging out on the weekends. but this morning before work i went in and put in a formal complaint about the fact that they still haven't fixed my internet, so hopefully soon they'll get it done. b/c dude.. it's been almost 6 weeks since i moved in. this is ridiculous!

my month of october is looking to be pretty excitingly full of cool stuff happening.. i'm visiting new york the first weekend, then there's coming out day and the sisterhood retreat, and the last weekend jess is coming to visit! hooray! so hopefully i should be able to start posting fun pictures and stories again soon. cross your fingers. :)