so. the music in the union is very.. band-stand'y. really, they're playing god bless america right now, and i think i heard teddy bears on parade earlier.

so my one story.. is that my box of souvenirs from this summer is currently headed back to korea. that's right. they sent it back. arianna and her dad weren't able to get to the post office soon enough, so the post office stamped it with a nice big 'return to sender' and it's headed back. SO, i am going to have to contact my boss in korea (whom it's headed to..) and ask her very nicely to pretty pretty please put it back in the mail again so it can come back this direction. hopefully i'll be able to give people souvenirs by christmas time. i don't even remember what is in the box at this point, so it will pretty much be a present to me as well :D arianna and her dad felt really bad about the whole thing. but honestly, i think it's kindof funny. not vexed at all. the whole summer was an adventure.. this is just one more way of extending it.

i still don't have internet in my room. the internet jack was ripped out of the wall and pretty much mutilated by the previous inhabitants of my room, so it's been nonfunctional. the IT guys came on friday to check it out, and when one of them walked in and saw it he said '..fuck.. er! sorry! shouldn't swear!' it was excellent. so supposedly someone else will be coming to fix it on monday, and then maybe i'll have more regular access? we'll see. until then, i get to listen to bandstand music and michael jackson in the union.