I'm getting old.

Aww look at that baby face!
I remember once when I was a kid, an adult telling me she'd had a pair of jeans for over five years. And of course, to my still-growing and quite tomboyish self, that was unfathomable. How could you possibly fit into a pair of jeans for so many years? Furthermore, how could jeans last so long without being utterly destroyed??

And then.. I ordered new glasses this week. And I realized that I've been using the frames that are in this picture for almost ten years. I bought them the summer I taught English in South Korea. And I absolutely have jeans that are more than five years old.

I remembered that childhood conversation and thought, How did I get so old?! How is it possible that the summer I spent in Korea was ten years ago? I do have a birthday coming up, so age is on my brain a bit, but still.

Have you ever had one of those "where has the time gone?" moments?


  1. What human being can fit into pants from five years ago?

  2. My husband is the ultimate wear things forever kind of guy. If I didn't buy him new things, he would wear rags.


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