IWSG - January 2016

It's IWSG day. The one day of the month that I will always try to post, give updates, etc.

I don't have too much to say. My last post I said I don't do New Year's resolutions. These aren't really New Year's resolutions so much as just things I need to get done, but here are my two that I'd like to make happen in 2016:

  1. Write a short story and submit it to an anthology (this is in progress, actually).
  2. Finish one of my works in progress. There are three. I just want to get one written and edited and ready for submission.
Bonus pie in the sky boy it sure would be nice if... goal: finally independently publish Sky Pirates. There's a lot to do to make this happen, but it is such a great project, I'd just really love to get it done and out there for the world to enjoy!

What are you up to this year?