Happy 2015 Theme Reveal Day!

Phew. Y'all. It's been a crazy couple weeks. Long story short, I was passed over for a promotion at work, into a job that I created for myself to be promoted into, so I quit my job. Can't stay in a place that doesn't reward hard work and vision. My last day was Friday. While it has been disappointing and frustrating, this change has also given me an opportunity to try something I've always wanted to do. I'm going to dive headlong into being a full-time writer! Eeek! It's a very exciting and also terrifying time and I'm extremely thankful that my family has the means for me to be able to take this dive.

One of the fun things about this is that I'm feeling much more confident about my ability to be successful with my A-Z theme this year! (and I will have a LOT more time to dedicate to the Challenge overall. Yay!) And so on this Theme Reveal Day I present to you....

An interactive fiction adventure from A to Z!
The concept is simple: We are going to follow a character through an adventure and my visitors every day will vote in the comments section about what direction they want to see the character go. Options will have to do with the appropriate letter of the day. So on A day, you'll receive choices that have to do with the letter B, on B day you'll find out about what happened with your choice and vote on what happens for C, etc.

I'll be writing the post for the next day every evening before bed, once the tally is in. I have absolutely no idea where this is going to go, as it depends upon what my blog visitors tell me to write about. It's going to be SO fun! Also, I have a minor surgery partway through April, so my awesome co-author Dan is going to write for you for a couple days while I am recovering, and that's going to be great too :)

Happy Theme Reveal Day! Can't wait to see what you all are doing...