wHooligan feature! Elsie Amata

Hello and Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Elsie's favorite beach -
isn't it lovely?

It's time for another wHooligan feature! Joining us today is Elsie Amata. She also has an active Facebook account here.

Elsie has been an assistant for the Insecure Writer's Support Group. That alone is enough cred to know she's amazing! But there's more! This woman writes extremely honest posts from time to time that will make you catch your breath. Her self-reflection and honesty is just.. great. Definitely check her out.

Each of my wHooligans has answered a few of the questions that participants posed to the co-hosts over on the A-Z blog, and here are Elsie's answers:

You're on a crowded train, and the person across the way from you (who is probably 20 years your senior) finishes a bag of chips, and throws his trash on the floor. Do you speak up and tell him to pick up his trash, or just let him go?
The teenage me wouldn’t have even noticed.  The impatient me would have said, “Dude, really?” accompanied by an exaggerated eye roll. Today, I would pick up the garbage myself, and refrain from comment.

What makes you cry? (Emotional reasons. Onions don't count.)
Military homecomings.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a news story or some blasted dog food commercial (you know the one!).  I tear up every time.  Of course, it may have something to do with being married to veteran.  Just my guess.

Where do you go to "Get away from it all"?
My go to place is the beach.  If I’m stressed, I visit the coast.  If I want to spend quality family time with the kids, we play in the sun and sand.

If you could sing any song with the artist who wrote/performed it, what would it be and with whom?
I know I should pick someone cool, like, I don’t know, Jimi Hendrix.  But, the moment I read this question, I thought of Prince.  Before he turned his name into a symbol then back again.  Any song from Purple Rain will do, as long as he’s wearing those high-heeled boots!  //whew//

Make sure you stop by to say hello to Elsie today!

Anyone do anything fun for St. Patty's Day?


  1. Thank you for featuring me today, AJ. I'm really looking forward to the A-Z Challenge. I can almost see the finish line on my posts. I'm more than halfway done ;)

  2. LuAnn Braley7:09 PM

    I didn't do SQUAT for St. Pat's...and that's fine! Oh wait, my 2nd bi-term computer class started today, so I read the chapter and took the test. 96.5%. Go me! :p

    You handle that potato chip bag thing better than I would. I'd probably be too full of snark in my reply. Glad to be working with you on AtoZ!

    LuAnn Braley

    AJ's Hooligans @AtoZChallenge

    Back Porchervations

  3. shilpagarg6:21 AM

    So good to see you featured here, Elsie and wonderful to know a bit more about you too :)

  4. I've been known to call someone out for not cleaning up after their dog in the park- so would totally call out a chip bag tosser! Nice to meet you BOTH!

  5. Hi Kate! I've handed people the extra doggie bags we carry on our walk so they can clean up after the mess. No one wants to step in that nastiness! Nice to meet you too =)

  6. Thank you so much for swinging by! The Challenge is going to be so much fun =)

  7. TaMara1:57 PM

    The beach is a great place to get away from it all. We spend at least a week there every summer. I'm excited to be a fellow wHooligan with you!


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