NaNoWriMo Day 6

So I got a flu shot yesterday, and it turns out that I am one of those people who really reacts to it. I had the shot at 9am, by 1:30 I had a sore throat and all of a sudden at 4pm I got the chills and the start of a fever. By the time I got home at 4:45 I had full-blown chills and was headed toward the 100 degree fever that stuck with me for the rest of the night. So.. Yeah. I didn't write anything yesterday. I'm thankful that I had a little bit of extra writing done, so I didn't fall a full day behind! Today was slow too but I am already feeling a fair bit better, so hopefully I will catch up soon.

Today's last line, which was talking about a Pickle Party we threw as kids:
"I think I remember that only one or two of our friends actually took us up on the pickle juice, but I know that Tim and I definitely partook."