Six Word Saturday!

Busy couple weeks equals slacking blogger.

I hit one of those periods where there was so much going on, much of it stuff I'd normally post, but didn't have the extra energy to say anything here. Only four more weeks of my busy season...

Thankfully my garden creates its own energy - it's going gangbusters! Soon we will have SO MUCH zucchini and loads of tomatoes. Can't wait!

Tomorrow the list gets posted for WRiTE CLUB. I did manage to get a pretty solid submission in, but it sounds like the initial selection has been really tough, so I'm crossing my fingers in hopes of making it into the actual competition. Otherwise it will be great to cheer others on. I've missed my blogging community with all the busy'ness this summer!

I did run my first road race since my foot injury two and a half years ago! One mile, downhill, on the 4th of July. Here's excited me before the race. My ability to run again has certainly felt like freedom, so it seemed appropriate to do a race on the 4th.

What have y'all been up to? (hey that's six words too!)

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  1. Deena3:20 PM

    My six words?

    My baby eats all the time.

    (works both ways you could read it...)

  2. Hi Aj ~~ I sure am glad that your foot is good enough to run a mile. Mine won't get that good anymore. It is just barely good enought to walk a mile or so. And for sure my new knee joint will never let me run.
    Happy 6WS. Sorry to take all day to return your comment.

  3. Tina Downey9:30 AM

    I miss running, but I'll settle for walking as of now. Congrats on healing enough to do that! What have I been up to? Medical procedures. ICK. Trying to stay positive!

    Tina @
    is Good

  4. tara tyler8:32 AM

    it's so bright over here (your fun 6 word posts)
    and good luck in the write club!


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