Garden update!

See how level it is?
One of the wonderful things we created at our home this year is a backyard veggie garden. The yard has a little hill in it, so it was quite a bit of work to lay the boards so they were flat. Lots of digging, a little frustration but we finally got it to look like this:

And afterwards I looked like this:

We've had stuff in there for almost exactly a month, and boy is it growing! This is the whole garden. The tall green plants along the fence are tomatoes and green peppers, with beans starting to climb the trellises.

Strawberries reaching for the sun and more dirt. Lots of runners.
And now, with plants!
Happy lettuce!
Mint (top), rosemary (right) and either a cucumber or zucchini plant (left) - maybe should have marked those :)

These are the raspberries we planted under our aspens last year. They've gone gangbusters! My goal is for them to take over that bed. Well on our way!

Also, a hay bale. 
I'm so glad we got all that hay for mulch. While it did have some seeds in it, we've found that a nice thick layer of hay keeps them from growing. It's nice to not really have to weed. Don't really have time for much of that this summer. 

There is also a little rhubarb plant in the other corner of the yard, and some asparagus (though those haven't come up at all - perhaps they are dead?). We had a couple leaves of lettuce on our hamburgers last week and they were oh, so good. Tender young ones.. Mmmm... Can't wait for more to come in!