And the livin' is BUSY! (someday I'm going to learn all the words to that one. I love it and it's so fun to sing sultry songs!) 

Summer is officially here. Summer, my busiest time for work. So many people coming to and departing from campus. A staff of nine to train, and six buildings to overhaul between academic year students and our conference groups. Thus far things are fun, but not very smooth. We re-keyed two of the buildings at the end of the school year and it appears that the students never actually USED their new keys. So my staff had the pleasure of discovering all sorts of issues as we were moving people into apartments. Excellent timing. The staff handled it well though, and hopefully tomorrow we can get everything sorted out.

We decided to have one last hurrah before life really gets crazy, and had a bunch of folks over for a bbq yesterday. It was our first really big gathering in the new house and it was great fun. We had bacon-wrapped dates au flambe (oops!) and quite a few cornhole games. Made some connections between friends we'd been wanting to introduce to one another, and ate SO MUCH good food. Overall a really fun, relaxing success. Bonus: we'll have leftovers for days!

Am quite grateful for the long weekend as the next couple weeks will be intensely busy. We'll see how the summer blogging schedule shakes out. I might be able to swing by only a couple times a week. I'll try not to let 2 weeks go by again though, I promise. :P

Happy Memorial Day! I hope it is filled with love and celebrations of all the freedoms we enjoy in these United States.